There are two types of tickets for the show  ”Satans Delirium”the ordinary ticket & the labour ticket.

Ordinary Ticket: 780 kr (includes a three-course dinner. Additional beverage cost).
Arrive at Sickla Industriväg 6A, at the latest 7.00 pm. Only 49 Ordinary-tickets at each show.

Labour ticket: 150 kr (food and drinks not included).
Only for people between the ages of 16 - 26.
Arrive at Sickla Industriväg 6A, at the latest 6.00 pm. Only 6 labour tickets at each show.

As an owner of a labour ticket you will be assigned tasks and duties during the evening. Therefore it is mandatory for you to arrive at 6pm at the location of the show and follow the instructions given throughout the evening.The Labour ticket means 4 hours of work and a compleatly different experience of the production and performance than the ordinary ticket.

Age limit 16. If you arrive late your ticket will be seen as forfeit. There is no possibility for late
acquisition time. The show goes on between  7.00pm-10.00pm. Start for labour tickets at 6.00 pm.

The show can include loud music, dark and confined spaces. In event of disability, you should know that not al spaces will be avalible. This due to how artists and arcitects have chosen to design their pieces and scenic areas. Elevator is availble between the floors.
In need of assitance? please announce before arrival to

Everyone in the audience is expected to wear a mask that you will be given at arrival. The mask must be worn throughout the whole evening if nothing else is asked by the actors or the staff.

The show is for the most part performed in English


Satans delirium is an individual experience, wich means that even though you arrive as a group you wont be experience the evening together or the same.

The food will serve every appetite. Omnivore, Vegetarians and Vegans. Questions about allergies will be answerd at the site before the show.