During 2015-16 "satans demokrati" opened its doors for an audience to visit the house and experience the art that's presented over 3500 square meters. The guests got a 30 minute long lecture by Jimmy Meurling or Py Huss-wallin about the inititive and approach to the project and how it was created.
This was followed by a guided tour where artists presented the different rooms and the thoughts behind the installations.
During the evening the bar was open, and music from the show was .

Tuesday, December 8, 2016
tuesday December 15, 2016
Friday, January 15, 2016
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Thursday, January 21, 2016
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Limited number of seats. Drop in kl.19-22.

(No actors are participating)

Linnea matei

Kristina skantze


Frida farm & veronica löfdahl

Participating artists - Artist in Residence:

Adam Ytterberg      
Anna Hellström        
Alena Törnberg      
Alice Bulukin     
Alicia Lopez     
Anders Marcus      
Andreas Floxner        
Anja Dahlgren     
Annie Waller        
Annika Tosti  
August Håkansson Orsall   
Bee Urban       
Bill Billeqvist       
Camilla Frick Isberg
Carolina Alvear Bello   Charles Gustafsson  Charlotte Wintgren        
Daniél Pamp dotse        
Ebba hallin         
Elin Rhodiner       
elisabeth raymond       
emelie henriksson
Emelie Roupe        
Emelie Wahlman       
Evelina Lindström      
Frida Farm      
Frithiof Engzell      
Hanna Bylund      
Helena Hildur W           
Hello Banana        
Henning Lindahl      
Hop Louie      
Ida-Maria Holmqvist       
Isa Maxe        
ivan wahren         
Jenny Wilhelmson       
jens lomm         
Johan Midtsian       
Julia Herskovits
Kajtek Zaleski      
Katja Andersson Teleman     kltr         
Kristina Skantze     
Kristoffer Nolgren          
Lena Bondesson      
Lina Nyberg Daniellé      
Linea Matei       
Malou Zilliacus       
Marc Ljungström        
Marcus Arborelius        
Mary-lou Musat            
Maria Rosenthal        
Marie Abildgaard Moberg    
Marie Nikazm Bakken          
martin condominas        
mattias floxner        
michel voss        
Niklas Delin      
Olof Runsten            
pelle backman        
Peter Hajdu        
Rasmus Norberg         resursteamet
rickard hasslinger          
Robin Dahlqvist          
Sabina Örneborg        
sara elggren          
Sara Jernberg        
Sara Rosenius        
Sofia Larsson      
svante back        
Tone Aminda
Gøytil Lund              
Tove Ekström           
Tove Sörblom        
Tatiana Stadnichenko           Ulrika Andersson           
veronica löfdahl        
Wictor Gussing Chihuailaf   william carlstedt            
Yonna Levy Nilsson    
Zakarias Thorin          

other participants
Bee Urban