"Satans demokrati är ett imponerande projekt som varken konst- eller teaterintresserade bör missa"

"En särling i svensk kulturliv. ”Satans demokrati” i Sickla utanför Stockholm är som ett lekland för kulturintresserade. Men gå och se den – den liknar ingenting annat just nu"

"Här ställs publikens receptiva förmåga på hårda prov. Man översköljs av en flodvåg av kreativitet."  

"Satans demokrati är en ruggigt underhållande färd genom ett mörkt underland för vuxna"

"Här har kreatörerna Py Huss-Wallin och Jimmy Meurling iscensatt ett scenkonstprojekt vars like vi tidigare knappt har sett i Sverige"

"ett ambitiöst projekt mellan konst och teater"

Svd listar "satans demokrati" som nr 1 när det gäller stockholms bästa scenkonstupplevelser, 22 november.


SATANS DEMocracy a stage and art event in an office complex at Nobel berget in Sickla. The project involved 120 artists and 52 actors and dancers as well as over 300 students from KTH, School of Architecture. The result is a four-hour performance and art installation over 3,500 square meters. The performance played between November 13 to January 24, 2016.

SATAN'S DEMOCRACY opens up thoughts about our present and near future. With SATAN'S DEMOCRACY different artistic forces comes together and expands the definition of what a cultural experience can be.

The audience is invited into a fictional world where they are invited, each for himself, make his trip to house 150 rooms and the banquet of the 52 individuals who live there. With inspiration from other art collective Signal and Punchdrunks productions, the audience will have an individual experience of an installation is in progress on several floors at the same time.

age limit 16.

the show can include loud music, dark and cramped spaces.
In case of a disability, you should be aware that all spaces will not be available, this is because of how artists and architects created the set- and stage design. Elevator access all floors.

Each one in the audience gets their own mask to wear during the performance. Sight, hearing and breathing is not affected by the mask. Alternative masks are available for you with glasses.

SATANS DEMOCRACY IS AN ENCLOSING  AND evocative performance that DISCUSSES our contemporary religion; democracy.

THE production was supported by